Monday, January 02, 2006

Environment and Our Life

The natural environment and our life support system are the basis for a
healthier world,healthier economy,healthier society,and overall a healthier

In this industrial age, it is important for us to pay special attention to our environment. If we don’t, then it is likely that air, water and land pollution will gradually destroy the environment in which we live.

To begin with, we need to find ways to make our factories cleaner so that they will not dump waste materials into out air and rivers. Second, we need to put anti-pollution devices on all our cars and motorcycles so they, too, won’t pollute our air.

In conclusion, there are many tangible steps we can take in order to protect our environment. But frankly speaking, it is our neglectful attitude toward our environment that needs to be changed.

Monday, October 24, 2005


I like the magical film of kind very much, this kind of film is usually full of space imagined, can let me roam among them , for example say Harry Potter , have Miyazaki beautiful cartoons etc., I like very much.
What I watched this time is Miyazaki beautiful cartoon - Hale's movement castle, in the film, it is the world of a chaos caused by war, have a lot of supernatural power strong magic teacher, Hale one of them, film leading lady become an old woman the broken woman Master, the leading lady has found Hale's movement castle alone in order to resume one's own appearance , and has acted as a house keeper inside, in this chaos caused by war, she and Hale develop a section of emotions, she and Hale finally stop enlargement of war , let one's own real freedom too, have found one's own true love too.
After finishing seeing the film, it must be very interesting it if can become a magic teacher that I think, but, but Hale gains magic power with very large cost in the film, this must have to lose to tell us, everything does not have a perfect one.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005